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It’s so natural. He needed to go. He needed to be better and failed.

Go…to the end of the road…

Sorry, prom flashback. Never mind.

The now admittedly sweetened group sing was as awful as usual. Next!

The less said about the Ford thing the better.

Ruben looked like… well, Ruben, and he was sweating heavy as he sang his bland R&B song that I have forgotten the title of already. Yeah. Whatever.

The eliminations start:

Collin’s future husband- safe.

Matt- bottom three. Shocked gasps and booing ensue.

Kris- safe, although he was again convinced otherwise.

RigPig and Lil- come on, we knew it’d be RigPig.

Smokey joins quasi-soul girl Joss Stone for a bland song I have already forgotten. Jeez, Smokey, you’ve done classics, but this was forgettable. Gimme “Going To A Go Go”!

More eliminations.

My girl- safe as a snug bug.

Anoop- still here

DWP- still here to torture me another day. Damn it!

To Scott and Megan. Both were predicted to be in the bottom three bi DI, but the addition of Matt means that DI is off significantly ( it had Matt at fifth- a comfy fifth). Scott joins the stools of shame, but is promptly sent back to the couches, and Matt and RigPig sit there.

Fuck me!!!! STEVIE WONDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, ” My Cherie Amour” was way pitchy and odd sounding, but he’s STEVIE WONDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON”T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It spent hours as a kid in between Bach and Brahms trying to learn Stevie songs from my growing collection of Motown records. My Cherie Amour was the first I tried.

Whoot! ” Superstition” is one of the greatest songs ever! As long as the Joni ( see: Grammy threads) don’t touch it. Awesome.

” Overjoyed”, over done on Idol, in the hands of the master, and he giveth the smacketh down, everyone. That’s how you do it, lame asses!

” All About The Love Again” is a more obscure Stevie song, but he sounded awesome ( with a shout out to the current President as well).

So then we return to the bottom two, and fortunately, I never have to write the words RigPig again.  And Simon cuts him lose after he sings, mercifully. Bye, Sarver,  and give your kid a hug.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Idol Tewer Opener… Michael Sarver.


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Motown, bay-bee!

I am a huge Motown freak, so seeing Smokey and Barry- wow, dude, I adore Smokey to itty bitty pieces ( the Miracles were always my favorite Motown act). But it’s not about Smokey, except he’s the mentor this week, and he has done this before ( as a guest judge, but it’s similar).

Matt takes on Marvin Gaye’s  iconic ” Let’s Get It On”, which is opening a family show in family hour. It’s just Matty and the pianer to open, but the band kicks in and it is smooth and sexy fun, despite some pitch issues. Suh-weet, he’s growin’ on me.

Kris comes back with another Marvin classic, ” How Sweet It Is” ( which was my secondary song choice for him). I still find him bland as a performer, but the vocal was pretty good.

Scott’s version of ” You Can’t Hurry Love” started strong with just the piano and Scott, but quickly devolved into a mess once the band started. Shoulda gone with Stevie, dude.

Megan was an even bigger train wreck with Stevie’s ” For Once In My Life”. She is a surprisingly jazzy singer, a rarity in Idol land, despite the limited range she has she could be an interesting artist. The song sounded like something I heard on “Love Boat” as a kid.

I had to go dissolve a kid sitch during Anoop, but left my notebook with my eldest. Anoop did Smokey’s classic ” Ooh, Baby Baby”. Her notes- interesting, a little pitchy, but good vocal.

Mike took on ” Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”. It’s a personal fave, and his version was heinous. Less said the better.

Lil went with a different girl group than I thought she would and picked ” Heatwave” by Martha and the Vandellas. She looked like she belonged in the Vandellas witht he dress and the hair ( and I WANT those SHOES!) but she sounded rushed and breathless, which threw her vocals into pitchy territory,

When I saw Adam before the break, I just about choked. He took another Smokey classic, ” T0 The Tracks Of My Tears” and did it unplugged. I wonder if he has been reading my mind, because he did everything I have begged him to do. He didn’t do the over dramatic, theatrical crap he had been pulling. He sang the song, he sang it the way he needed to sing it, and it was amazing. That was the performance I wanted to see form him. The best performance so far this season by anyone.

Danny went with ” Get Ready”, and I want whatever the judges are smoking if they thought that was any good. I know I hate the guy, but if he sang better, I would admit it. He didn’t.

Allison matched Adam tonight on guts and talent with a blazing version of ” Papa Was a Rolling Stone”.  Rock girl turned on the soul as well and gave me what I love.

My faves of the night- Adam ( shocker, I know) and Allison ( still my fave).

Bottom three- Scott, Mike, and Danny, but Danny will probably be fine and Megan will join the boys in the bottom.

Plus I get Smokey and Stevie tomorrow night? FUCKIN’ EH!

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