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My world is a very complicated place, to say the least.

I am a David Cook fan. End of discussion. I think he’s one of the strongest talents to come out of the whole AI juggernaut and I’m a Kelly Clarkson girl from the get go. His pre-Idol album, Analog Heart, would have been on my top ten list of 2008 if it hadn’t been released years ago. I still might put it there if I can justify breaking my own rules. Anticipation on his upcoming major label debut is high, to say the least.

The first single, ” Light On”, was released this week. Like David Archuleta’s first single, ” Crush”, it was surprising. Archie’s didn’t suck, which shocked the hell out of me. DC’s also doesn’t suck, but that isn’t surprising. No, I was more shocked about how good it is considering he has those Idol folks trying to figure out how to get Max Martin to write a song for him.

No, Martin is no where to be found, but Chris Cornell is, and along with Brian Howes, helped write this future top of the chart single.  And the first thing I noticed about the music ( crucial- the music) is there is a vague familiarity to it. It’s very Cornell. There are surprising melodic choices, unexpected notes, half step key changes, and a gorgeous piano break with vocal after a rip roaring bridge that is hauntingly pretty before it launches into a rocking outro. Musically, you cannot deny it.

The lyrics are fine. Not as powerful as some of the lyrics on Analog Heart, but certainly not pablum. DC is still growing as a lyricist ( most rock stars write their best lyrics in their late twenties and their thirties), but he doesn’t resort to a lot of the cliches many his age use. But the lyrics in comparison of the music are weaker. But still better than say… the ridiculous lyrics to ” Don’t Call Me Baby” or Skye Sweetnam’s ” Human” which is a song I hate with a passion reserved for idiots.  And to the ladies out there about to tear my head off for admitting that I have a ( relatively) small issue with this song… please remember this- I love you all. Please, don’t hurt me. I’m being honest. The music is kick ass. The lyrics are good, but not life changing. Now, give me a ten minute head start and allow me to get on my plane to an undisclosed location.

This will be said, though- compare to the Magic Rainbow,” Light On” is freakin’ ” Stairway To Heaven” or ” A Day In The Life”. David will have a long career. Don’t fret.

Grade- B

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