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Grammy Live Blog Part Ten

Ah, now Sugarland and Adele come and knock the HipHop Summit out of the Bronze position, but not as good as J-Hud breaking my heart or Al Green being Al Green, even with Justin Timberlake trading off vocals. Sorry, Kanye, I’ll make it up to you another Grammys.

By the way, I’m way too pumped now for TBBT- thanks CBS, good promo.

Gwyneth Paltrow brings out Radiohead. With astonishing ” 15 Step” on the table, and the USC Marching Band ( famed for their work on Fleetwood Mac’s ” Tusk”). The vocal mix is buried under the band. ( I am sure Thom wanted it that way).  But still, really good. I love me my Radiohead. What can I say, they really can’t do any wrong in my book.

Sam Jackson now joins the festivites to announce T.I. and Justin Timberlake,  both whom I like ( I think T.I. is the best rapper out there, even better than Weezy, yes). ” Dead And Gone” was amazing, guys.

President speech, everyone go have a drink.

I hate it when the President talks about compensation. I have no problem with that, but begging for a Secretary for the Arts is uncool( granted, we Canucks have a Minister of Heritage, so I guess that’s the same thing). But out then come SMOKEY! ( Motown geek girl I am, that makes me a little giddy). The Four Tops are his assignment, with Levi Stubbs now gone, so we get a new foursome singing ” Reach Out”, with Jamie Foxx, Ne-Yo, Duke Fakir, and the Smokey man himself.  I’m a little misty eyd again. I love the Four tops so much ( they were a fave of my mom’s- lots of good memories). They throw in some ” Standing In The Shadows Of Love ” as well. Awesomeness. Oh, hell ya, ” I Can’t help Myself”, too? I’m being spoiled here.

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Grammy Live Blog Part Nine

Okay, ” Swagga Like Us” is now in bronze medal position behind Golden Al and Silver Jenny.

Jack Black and Charlie Hayden, with Jack kissing ass to the F.I.L. ( didn’t know that, how’d I miss it?) Another Grammy Lifetime Achievement award, then we get best male pop vocal winner John Mayer comes up. The guy has won more Grammys than Elvis, go figure that one out. ( I have nothing against him, but whatever).

L.L. Cool J and Jay Mohr ( CBS star- do we get Jim Parsons? Sorry). announce Sugarland and Adele. They do the mash up thing, and it’s surprisingly  pretty, the Sugarland song ( I don’t listen to a ton of country, my previous experience with this song was Mark Day on Canadian Idol, which is the worst thing to happen to a Sugarland song ever).  Then Adele comes out and sings “Chasing Pavements”, one of the best songs of last year and sings with that soulfully amazing voice of hers. It’s effortless. I worship at the shrine of Brit Neo-Jazz-Soul voices. Nice support, Jennifer Nettles.

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Grammy Live Blog Part 7

Heh, the Bonus Jonas ( I’m paying attention to the ads- Big Bang Theory looks awesome tomorrow night, which airs after 2 1/2 Men due to the Presidential press conference. In a Craig Ferguson promo, Craig called himself the fourth Joni. Hee.)

Morgan Freeman, still recovering from his car crash last year, bringing out Kenny Chesney. ( really? They’re friends? Never woulda thought it.) This is the part where I go to the bathroom, apparently, as I hate Kenny Chesney.

Momentary note- I’ll post the BAFTA winners after the Grammys, but safe to say, Slumdog Millionaire picked up seven awards, so look for it to dominate in two weeks at the Oscars.

Back to a very boring song sung by a guy I can’t stand. I’m bored. I’m not kidding, I just checked my email. Oy.

DIDDY, Herbie Hancock, and Natalie Cole trot out to present for Record of the Year, ninety minutes in ( are you kidding me?).  It goes to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, who I adore, but sorry, M.I.A. deserved it more for her mind blowing, influential jam. Jeez.

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Grammy Live Blog Part 6

It’s still Rev. Al and J. Hud for the win.

Craig Ferguson, who was on my husbands list at one point, cracking me up. He’s presenting Katy Perry, who launches into ” I Kissed A Girl”. She decends in a banana. Her live vocal is obviously live as it sucks donkey balls,  but she’s a charming stage presence. It was also quite- energetic ( spazzy?)

Kanye…Kanye… wearing a disco ball for a coat, launches into Estelle’s “American Boy”, a charming seventies sounding throwback. Estelle appears to be wearing some weird glitter oragami project. My daughter commented that Kanye’s hair is an afro mullet.  Good performance, should garner some praise, and they present Best New Artist, which Kanye snidely remarks he never won, and it goes to Adele ( FUCK YEAH! I love her.) At least it didn’t go to the Joni. She’s charming and sweet and humble. I adore her.

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Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus together? Ew. My daughter is in heaven, though, she adores them both. Neither girl is great vocally live, as they both have rather thin voices, but they seem to be accrediting themselve pretty well, considering. My daughter just reminded me she’s only four years from fifteen. Argh! Not bad, girls. Then they award the best Pop Collab with Vocal to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, which was definitely deserved.

J. Hud, sounding amazing, now.  The girl has pipes. I adore her, have since the Idol days. She looks amazing as well.  Damn, girl. I’m getting a little misty at the moment. Sniff. She’s knocked it out of the park, and expect her to be a major story tomorrow.

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Grammy’s Live Blog Part 3

So, okay, still thinking that Al Green is winning the night, as whatever, Coldplay didn’t blow me away ( they rarely do in the live situation, go figure).

Rev. Al and Duffy? Sure, make more sense than most pairings. Oooh, get the rev. to sing, that’s my girl, Duffy. No, don’t you start, too, girl. Not on ” Bridge over Troubled Water”. Song of the year so early? Why? The award goes to Coldplay, unsurprisingly. Hey, boys, I made the Sgt. Pepper’s comments on the previous thread, are you reading me on the Blackberry?

Kid Rock, whom I adore despite my better judgement, starts off with a totally awesome song that I like despite the fact it mocks some of my basic beliefs. ” Amen” indeed. Now we get ” All Summer Long”, which you recall was on my year end songs list, then he launches into ” Rock & Roll Jesus” and a good time was had by all.

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Grammy’s Live Blog Part Two

So far, only one award went out, and it was to my fave Jennifer Hudson. But as usual, CBS trots out their TV stars to shill and announce, and Simon Baker ( The Mentalist) announces Coldplay, who decide to do “Lost”, their current single, instead of ” Viva La Vida” or ” violet Hill”, both up for nominations.  I disliked ” Lost” when I first heard it as it seemed like every other Coldplay ballad. Hey, Jay-Z! Awesome rhymes, Hova, better than the song deserves, dude. I’m also over the damn poor mans Sgt. Peppers look- oh look, now break out ” Viva La Vida”. Smart move, I like this song, though ” Violet Hill” remains my fave of the three singles from this record. They sound much better here than they did on SNL earlier this year. Chris Martin sounds suprisingly good tonight, he rarely does ( remember the AMAs- that was heinous).

I heard his head hit the stage, did you?

Keith Urban again, still awesome eye candy, saying Gene Autry won an achievement award, and then announces Carrie Underwood, who does ” Last Name”  while wearing something that resembles a bedsheet belted with a shoulder belt from a glittery Mercedes matched with crappy beach hair and is she tangerine? Carrie, what happened to you? She also sounds a bit off tonight. A bit exhausted. I wish, however, that all exhausted stars sound as good as she does ( Jessica Simpson, I’m looking at you.)

Brenda Lee is a Lifetime Achievement award winner, and Sheryl Crow and Leann Rimes present the country duo  or group award to Sugarland ( they kinda are the dominating duo right now). Jennifer Nettles thanks Paul McCartney just cause he’s Paul McCartney. Cute. Did Christian forget the names of his kids for a second?

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