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It is that time of the decade where one stares at their music collection and promptly regrets buying 95% of the music they now own.  Everyone does it. Okay, maybe I do it.  I buy a lot of music, so much so my children are convinced that I actually buy milk at the local vinyl store and bread from iTunes. This small habit has created a massive music collection that can be somewhat unwieldy.  It doesn’t stop me from gathering up hundreds of albums from the past decade and asking myself a very simple question:

If I could only save fifty of these albums from the past ten years, what fifty would it be?

It would be easy for me to write-up a list in which only Green Day, and White Stripes albums are on it, simply because they produced amazing albums this decade. I could have simply gone with my kids suggestion and made the list all about Hannah Montana and the Wiggles. That was tempting, they could have written it for me.

My criteria was simple. First- I must have actually listened to it. I still have a couple of albums in the plastic. Most of these albums were gifts from well-meaning people who thought that I really needed Daniel Bedingfield’s album.

Second-  How often did I listen to this album? Having the most listens didn’t mean that it would be number one.  Music is very much my day between the hours of six a.m. and six p.m. There are albums on this list I only listened to once and found so compelling that I felt it needed to be on the list. Most I have listened to so often my CD player refuses to open to play them again and my iTunes has decided that they are the only artists I listen to.

Lastly- I must have had fun listening to it at some point. Dreary music is of no interest to me. That doesn’t mean sad music is ignored for the oeuvre of Britney Spears. On the contrary, I find Britney Spears to be enormously depressing. But her greatest hits album makes for a delightful coaster.

The list, in full, after the break.


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  • Yay, Steelers!!!! Way to pull it out.
  • Yay, Boss!!!! Way to kick ass during halftime. Born To Run!!!!!
  • Why the fuck are people acting like idiots about Michael Phelps taking a good hit off a bong? Seriously? The dude’s not in competition, and the last drug on earth that enhances anyone’s performance in any sport is marijuana, so for Hendrix’s sake people, quit stroking out. ( Um… you could probably guess where I fall on the issue of pot…).
  • Idol sucks this year. Just reiterating. But seeing Fantasia’s performance of ” Lady Marmalade”, Kelly’s new video, and J-Hud’s astonishingly moving ” Star  Spangled Banner”, it just made the past five episodes even more painful.
  • Liam Neeson as Charles Bronson wins the box office ( seriously, is Taken anymore than a revisitation of the Death Wish movies?)
  • I accidently slept through the Dundler Mifflin hour. I apologize, Michael and gang.
  • New episodes of Big Bang Theory, HIMYM, and House tonight.

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  • Are you as pissed about the $18 BILLION Wall Street CEOs got in bonuses while begging the Bush administration for welfare and getting it ( I won’t even go into the sudden GOP change of heart on bailouts, that’s another rant and frankly, a lesser one)? Are you fucking kidding me? And frankly, President Obama should do something about it. Congress is trying, having introduced a bill to cap CEO wages, but this is the great capitalist experiment gone awry. Gekko was right- greed is good. But you know something- so is humility. And Wall Street has zero of that.
  • Bruce ” Guitar God and Blue Collar Hero” Springsteen rightfully got slammed by his more liberal, Wal Mart hating fans ( ahem… right here) for striking an exclusivity deal. Today, while at a presser discussing the Superbowl Half Time Show ( I am to understand that the Super Bowl is some sort of football game with a huge concert at what I assume to be the half way point- God, I’m taking a piss, people, go Steelers), Mr. Thunder Road admitted that it was a mistake to sign that deal, considering Wal Mart exploitation of third world workers and their union bashing and everything.
  • Is it me, or does Idol suck in ways unforgivable this year?I know, wait till Hollywood week is over and see what talent we actually have. People bring up Jason Castro. I counter with Sanjaya.
  • Disney has cut four hundred jobs, the Hollywood trades are struggling, Murdoch’s empire is now a “sell”, OK! rag has editor ousted, and WSJ is looking at layoffs as well. The media is changing, filks, and it ain’t pretty for the old timers. As long as the Sun-Times keeps Ebert, I’m a-okay.
  • Anthony Bourdain says when he wakes up every morning, he’s angry at Rachael Ray. Me, too, buddy ( EVOO? Seriously, that’s piss ass annoying right there).
  • Elisabot is preggers again, Rosie not around to eat her alive this time. Sorry, it was too easy. I had to.
  • CBS great Katie Couric experiment came in second to Idol, which means it’s a smashing success.
  • Would you bump Nightline for Jimmy Kimmel when Conan takes over the Tonight Show? ABC say don’t be silly, but it’s a persistent bugger of a rumor that just won’t die. I am not a huge Jimmy fan ( the Matt Damon/Ben Affleck vids were hilarious, but he usually make s me cranky by the end of his monologue). I am, however, a fanatical Conan fan, and I would end up watching the great red head anyday. It clears me up to watch Craig Ferguson without guilt.
  • Earlier this week, legendary author John Updike died. I got wrapped up in reading Rabbit At Rest for the third time and never wrote anything. Something tells me Updike would have appreciated that. Writers ony want to be remembered for what they wrote and how it affected you as the reader. Everything else is dust bunnies.

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