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And we have our top nine couples. Last week’s elimination of Paris and Tony was the right call.

Lil’ C is this weks guest judge. ( Adam Shankman tweeted earlier today he won’t be back till the finale- *sob*).

Evan and Randi are up first with the jive. I thought they would nail it. They didn’t. Their flick kicks were surprisingly weak. But it was a solid routine danced well ( Louis Van Amstel has slid into the role of  SYTYCD choreographer like I do into love with guys name Zach… easily and with style). They had good synchronization and I did love Evan’s split jump.

Ade and Melissa were given an odd Sonya routine. Sonya is always an odd choreographer. I love her as much as I hate her. And I thought that Melissa and Ade were strong, fierce, and perectly in sync with each other. I love Melissa’s feet. Ballerinas always have perfect points.

Caitlin and Jason, neither hiphoppers, are stuck with a Shane Sparks hiphop routine. They did fine with it, but it wasn’t typical hiphop and it lacked a certain ferocity. Jason was better than Citlin, who was clearly out of her element.

Brandon and Janette are saddled with a couple killer damce for the second week in a row with disco. And they were solid, save for a small trip towards the end by Janette. It was fine, with some great lifts that showed off Brandon’s strength and Janette’s flexibility. But was it worthy of the over the top judges praise? No.

Asuka and Vitolio get the waltz as their dance, and it’s lovely. The waltz is rarely an exciting dance, so you have to step it up in the elegance and emotional departments, and they did. Too bad Vitolio is such an ass. The steps were a little off at times, but I love that death spiral.

Oh. God. Bryan Friedman.

Max and Kayla get “pop jazz” ( fer chrissakes, that’s not a style, and they can’t make it one). But it’s the strongest routine so far, expertly danced by two very talented dancers. Both Max and Kayla are extremely charismatic while they dance, and it was hard to take my eyes off them.

Jonathan and Karla are up next. Stacy Tookey is from SYTYCd Canada, and she did some of the best routines last year. Glad to see her hit the mothership. And her contemporary dance was exquisite. It was emotional and gentle, with gorgeous lines and lifts. Jonathan was great ( not as great as Mary thought, but whatever, he was better than he was last week) and Karla shone. Wow.

Phillip and Jeanine are doing a tango. Poor Phillip. Hope he’s okay.

And he is not. Those lines were weak, the steps were simple but careless, the lifts were awkward, and they dropped frame numerous times. Sad, really.

Ashley and Kupono have to wow us in hiphop ( stank faces on, everyone!). And while it was better than the first hiphop routine, it was not at all fantastic. Stong step, but the dance didn’t seem to go anywhere.

Top three: Jonathan and Karla, Max and Kayla, and Asuka and Vitolio.

Bottom three: Caitlin and Jason, Phillip and Jeanine, Ashley and Kupono.

See you tomorrow night.

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So the voting rounds of So You Think You Can Dance has begun and I’m back!

The prelim rounds gave us some great stories and one great dancer to watch ( I’m a huge Evan fan, but I cannot do what he does). So I enter my annual SYTYCD love fest with the hope that I will see great, Hot Tamale train worthy dancing.

Tonight’s third judge is personal fave- Mr. Adam Shankman.

And we start off well with Phillip and Jeanine’s hiphop routine. I love the story, and Jeanine surprised me with all that ballet training by being a credible hiphop dancer ( I knew Phillip would shine). It leads to Mary’s first scream of the season.

Asuka and Vitolio disappoint with their dull, humorless Broadway dance. Not good.

Jonathan and Karla’s cha cha was really unpleasant. It lacked any significant cha cha steps.  Jonathan had the hip action but no real spice. Don’t get the judges love at all.

Randi and Evan’s jazz number, though, was steamy, sexy, HAWT. Those feet were perfect, the lines spectacular, and I loved every second of it. Evan remains my fave, and Unitard girl Randi has bumped up a few notches.

Paris and Tony do another hiphop number. For being a hiphop dancer, Tony disappointed me. They both hit the steps, but the rebound didn’t exist.  The dance came off as amateurish and slow.

Caitlin and Jason get Bollywood this week. Bollywood is counter intuitive to dance too for Western style dancers like Caitlin and Jason. It requires flat feet and wonky hands. But they nailed it. Fun, vibrant, charming.

Janette and Brandon pull the contestant killer Foxtrot. The lifts were divine. But the actual foxtrot step- mediocre. Brandon did show much more personality than he did at any point of Vegas week. Janette is a saucy thing, too.

Ashley and Kupono score a Wade Robson “jazz” number ( it looked more contemporary). It was a high concept dance, and I’m still processing. The dancing was stellar, I must admit. But the character and theme was odd and distracting to me.

Melissa and Ade have contemporary. And it’s gorgeous, fluid, pretty, stunning, romantic. I loved it, loved it, loved it.  The judges point about quiet power resonates. Strong male dancers sometimes forget to take it down a notch when in a quiet dance like this one.

Kayla and Max are stuck with the samba. The samba has always been my least favorite dance, as it can look like a train wreck when done incorrectly. But Max ( trained in ballroom) and Kayla ( not trained in ballroom at all) not only nailed it, they threw down the gauntlet and told everyone to come and steal it if they want it. Stunning.

Top three couples:

Max and Kayla

Randi and Evan

Caitlin and Jason

Bottom Three

Paris and Tony

Asuka and Vitolio

Jonathan and Karla

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