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Minutes before Idol began, Slash tweeted that he would be performing an Alice Cooper song. Nice.

So we get an overhead push in with a single spotlight to RyRy in the pit. This… Is.. American…Chopper. ( no, wait, wrong show). Then we get our weekly lame ass Ford Vid, then a group sing in which the best thing was the fact Slash was playing the guitar ( the man is a God). Danny should add never sing Alice Cooper to his list of things to never do ever again. Kris was blasted out of the water by the band- I could hardly hear him.

Danny’s little selfish answer to RyRy- he wants to fall asleep. Fuck you, DWP. Simon tell Kris humble is not needed anymore (bite me , Simon). Adam says he liked his song, the theme, and the outfit. Danny thinks the note is funny, not anger inducing ( ahem). Allison is feisty still.

Oh, Pauler. Pauler… why do I have to put up with this?  Apparently, I do, and it’s a cheesy bad as her 80s songs were. But slightly better than her cheesy ass 90s songs. Autotune much? Yeah. Still better than Danny’s last note. Cheesy ass ending, though. I’ve used “cheesy” now four times to describe Paula and her music. Cheesy.

RyRy and Paula talk about… well, nothing in particular. No Doubt takes the stage with a classic. ” Just A Girl”. Gwen looks exactly the same. But she sounds off to me. The guys sound good behind her. Gwenny sounds winded, though. The guys sound great. RyRy talks about No Doubt’s tour. That’s good news. I hope she sounds a bit better, as when she talks, she sounds a bit congested.

64 million votes. Right. Whatever. RyRy reminds them the top three get home visits.  We get a tape, where I remember the joy of David Cook from last year and feel a little sad. RyRy calls the top four out. He starts with Allison and Danny.Then he pulls a patented RyRy fake and moves to Adam instead of announcing anything, then Kris. He recaps each performance. RyRy then sends…. Kris!!!!!!!! No fucking way!!!!!!!

Ohmigod… Allison… noooo, please God…. noooo.

Daughtry… awww, he may be a tool, but he still rocks. And let us remind America of the elimination. But it worked out good for him, dinnit? Debuting the new single. I like it. It’s no ” It’s Not Over” or ” Home”, but it’s a nice little rock song. And he gets a five time platinum plaque. Suh-weet!

Back to the job at hand and we get… Adam back to the stools.

Danny vs. Allison. My nightmare. Oh, God… And Danny is…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

That’s it. Idol. You and I are breaking up right after Adam wins this thing.

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So, I’ve been in a Chuck coma for the past week, after an awesome finale last Monday and then the jerking around NBC has done on Chuck fans this past week, cumulating  in the announcement that the show would not be in Monday’s in-fronts, and that we have to wait another fifteen days. At least I have Idol now to take my mind off of how much I hate NBC right now. Since all my other weekly shows are coming back, I have had the unfortunate circumstance of obsession on one network, one time slot, one show, one schedule. Damn, fangirlishness is tough when it gets focused.

So this weeks Idol is all about rock and roll, everyone, my favorite theme every year. The rumor mill has been running wild, with the idea floating about duets this week, and then there was the announcement that Slash, the greatest guitarist since Hendrix, was the mentor. How frakkin’ awesome! SLASH! The man who gave us the riffs to ” Paradise City”, ” Sweet Child O’ Mine”, and “November Rain”. The man is a GOD!

So, first, the stunning news the Idols didn’t get their proper rehearsal due to the Idol set trying to collapse around them earlier today. Then the news that the duet rumor was in fact true. Then, to top it all of- Adam got a ZEPPELIN song cleared. ( I didn’t think it would happen, therefore left “Whole Lotta Love” off my list). And it was the Adam performance I had been waiting for all season. He nailed it. I loved every second of it. He did exactly what I have kept saying- he used his lower range as a base vocal and used his wildly expressive upper range sparingly and at the proper moments. ( Slash mentioned that as well in his mentor moment). Perfect.

Allison decided on the Joplin track, and I was scared until she opened her mouth. She was flawless, and made me a believer all over again. She looked good tonight, too. Randy and Kara are on  crack.

Full disclosure. I hate Styx with a passion usually reserved for people who think the best album of all time is Britney Spears’ ” Baby One More Time”. So the song  was not a fave. But I thought Kris was better than Danny, who was wildly off pitch when he shouldn’t have been. Kris also was better on the performance side. Danny was stiff.

Kris is tackling ” Come Together”, and I thought it was not a perfect choice, but he sounded good, his guitar work was amazing, and it was impressive from a guy I didn’t expect to rock it that hard. The judges are still on crack.

Danny doing “Dream On”? Are you kidding me? This song is one of the most difficult in rock, and it’s been done to death. And it has never been done well on Idol. Ever. This has train wreck written all over it. And it was a bit of a train wreck. He was off key, and off cadence. And did he do a little scat thing after the first line of the chorus? Simon almost redeems himself with calling Danny out on that last note. And the judges are rightly critical of the song ( if only they didn’t temper that with backdoor compliments). Worst of the four.

Adam and Allison get teamed up with a duet. This is where Adam’s ensemble work has got to come in handy. And they take Foghat’s classic ” sLow ride” and kicked it hard core. It was awesome. Beyond awesome.

Top two- Adam and Allison.

Bottom Two- Kris and Danny.

Should go home- Danny.

Probably will go home- Kris. Sadly.

Danny was really the worst of the night.

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