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I spend waaaa-aaay to much time watching the TV. I admit it. But I’m an obsessive creature by nature, and I tend to latch on to shows. Fortunately, I also suffer form what is known as a short attention span, so I obsess over multiple shows at multiple times. But once as show has hooked me, i am generally hooked for the run. That being said, most of the time I can see a natural stopping point and don’t throw a gigantic fit when shows end or- shudder- are cancelled.

For instance, I admire a lot about Friday Night Lights, but I am not a regular viewer and would honestly not miss it if it were to go off the air. Friendshonestly ran about two seasons too long, but even a half assed season was pretty good. I’m still disappointed about how Gilmore Girlsended, but that had a lot to do with the Palladinos leaving and less about the show itself ( the last season was wildly uneven, but still seemed oddly appropriate). I pray for a How I Met Your Motherrenewal every spring ( it’s a safe bet this year- syndie money looks pretty lucrative for the show), but a lot of that is the show’s internal mythology is still being played out, and if it was ever truly in danger, I’d be out on it too.

Four of my five favorite TV shows all air at the exact same time on Monday nights. HIMYM and The Big Bang Theoryare on CBS, and both are safe ( TBBT picked up a two year gift from CBS earlier this year). Houseis on Fox, where it’s in season five, in no danger whatsoever ( it’s still a top rated drama), and after last weeks episode, still has the ability to stun regular viewers ( yes, I had my money on Taub offing himself). The other show is NBC’s hilarious spy dramedy, Chuck. This show is the only show I watch on TV right now that is seriously in trouble of cancellation.

So I have joined in the World Wide Web’s Save Chuck! manifesto. I have written a couple of pieces on Chuck in the last week, I have dedicated my television to Chuck, watched Chuck on Hulu and NBC.com, written to Ben Silverman, and I will be taking part in April 27th’s Finale Blowout ( go to Subway, buy the $5 foot long sub, take a comment card, write that you are doing this only because of Chuck, drop it into the comments box. They really do pay attention to that at corporate level, guys). And this is me writing to cyberworld out there asking for you to do the same. Watch it live if possible, let NBC know you are doing so, comment on every Chuck story you can find on major sites ( and even some minor ones- My own hits have been going up in the last week, thanks to some comments on more popular sites), but the sandwich. I never get involved in Save the show campaigns usually because I accept the cyclical nature of TV. But I admit that NBC’s programming strategy is currently enraging me, and letting the best show on TV go because of Jay Leno- that’s just idiotic.

P.S.- Chcuk fans, celebrate in the fact this week has Jordana Brewster’s Jill back, Scott Bakula is still here playing Stephen Bartowski (I think I’ve mentioned the genius of that casting, right?), and next week Sarah and Chuck go rogue and Casey is on their tail.

Who would WANT to cancel such perfection?

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I spent all this past long weekend hunkered down with every episode of my favorite spy show ever in marathon session ( only breaking to watch Conan O’Brien on ITAS, but that’s a different obsession thread). So I decided to come up with a list of my ten favorite episodes.

10. Chuck vs. the Imported Hard Salami

The kiss. The kiss. The kiss…

9. Chuck vs. Santa Claus

This very important to the mythology episode gave us an insight into Fulcrum- they are catching onto the fact they keep losing agents at the Buy More pretty quick ( it’s actually mentioned in a later episode), so they try to suss out who the CIA is so interested in. Turns out, it’s Chuck, and Sarah’s job description won’t let even an unarmed Fulcrum agent get away.

8. Chuck vs. The Third Dimension

The 3D episode that aired after Superbowl Sunday was a good stand alone episode, not completely drenched in show mythology ( although enough of it to keep regulars interested). Dominic Monaghan’s rock star is one of the most hilarious characters in Chuckiverse. He really seems to like Casey’s tranqs…

7. Chuck vs. The Cougars.

Nicole Richie doesn’t totally suck. Really. And we get some genuine Sarah back story.

6. Chuck vs. The Predator

One of the heaviest episodes in both tone and mythology, the search for Orion and the impact of Chuck’s choices nearly costs everyone. The Buy More subplot was really funny as well. Emmett with a bat, people!

5.Chuck vs. the Alma Mater

The Stanford Episode. This is where the mythology really begins to start up, and we get a lot of Bryce Larkin-Chuck answers we needed.

4. Chuck vs. The DeLorean

You have to love a show so into Nerdvana that the famed Back To The Future car plays a key role in the Morgan world and the Chuck world. The thing makes a terrible getaway car, as it dies if you go over twenty two miles per hour.

3. Chuck vs. The Marlin

The season one finale involves a four foot stuffed Marlin, an engagement ring, the CIA robbing Buy More, mammary cam, Chuck’s cover being blown, and Casey actually being conflicted about his new assignment.

2. Chuck vs. The Suburbs

This excellent episode gives Charah shippers some bliss, but also gives us intrigue, the Intersect, Fulcrum, and some answers and new questions. Plus some of the best music uses in the series. 

1. Chuck vs. Tom Sawyer

The math that forms the basis of video games and music comes into play in this episode, which Missile Command saves the world from WWIII ( and Chuck playing it- Chuck does save the world often with geek stuff). Funny, myth growing ( Fulcrum story was beginning to pick up steam), with awesome music and yes- JEFF has fans.

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