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Truth: I love TV, but I often don’t get involved in ” Save the Show” campaigns because most TV I don’t love and tear my hair out over or even believe needs the time to tell the story. The only reason I even got upset about the who NBC-Scrubs fiasco last year was because the strike put Bill Lawrence’s story in jeopardy.

Not this time, no.

I am a huge, marathon watching ” Chuck” fan. I mean hardcore. It never gets mentioned here because- in all truthfulness- Zachary Levi has replaced my long time love Jason Segel as future husband number one (in the alternative universe in which I am beautiful and working in film as opposed to being a snark queen in an office). I have seen every episode multiple times and i am perfectly content to watch this show every day for the rest of my life.

NBC is “Chuck” ‘s network down U.S.A. way, and they have yet to announce whether or not the show has been picked up for season three.  I’m going to give them five reasons to save it right now.

  1. You are the morons that screwed it up

NBC did not bring back anything after the writer’s strike was resolved, limiting the Nerd Herd a very thrilling but abrupt thirteen episodes ( and frankly, those thirteen episodes worked better than most as a series, but my ideas on how to fix network television will wait for another day). NBC should have brought their shows back up and gotten another four to five episodes. It could have been done.

             2. Move it.

Chuck’s constant fourth place finishes comes down to one thing. Scheduling. It’s pulling 5.5 shares in the same hour as Big bang and HIMYM on CBS, Dancing with the Geriatrics on ABC 9 sorry), House on Fox, Gossip Girl on CW. Is there nowhere else on the sked to put it? Even with Leno coming at ten?

            3. Frankly, there isn’t a whole lot else to save.

NBC’s in fourth because of two things- poor counter scheduling and bad shows. The whole L&O franchise is fading, remaining on air on the strength of Dick Wolf’s desire to break some records.  SVU got another pick up, but seriously, I think it’s time to pack all three of those shows in. Heroes crashed and burned after a fantastic first season. The Office has hit syndie numbers, which means it’s on the way down and out. Don’t cancel a good show when you have soooooo many shitty ones.

                    4. Precedent

Okay, this is what I’m going to say about this. 30 Rock. Yes, Chuck isn’t an awards magnet ( it should be, but it’s not), but it’s situation is comparable to my other favorite NBC show. A low rated critical fave that has rabid cult/Internet following who are sounding mighty pissed off about the fact spoilers leaked sound like an series finale.

                 5. Zachary Levi is cute.

And funny, charming, a fantastic actor- come on, here.

Okay, I didn’t say they were reasonable reasons. Or logical.

And Bonus reason- Adam Baldwin is fantastic. He’s so believable, I’m thinking about hiring John Casey to track down those who are leaving me so tortured at night.


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