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I will be honest- I started this week with my note book and pen, wondering why they had a Michael Jackson week, when the judges keep saying MJ is one of the untouchable ones. Stupid Idol.

Then the singing began- and not one of them were really any good. ( Adam fans, please don’t hurt me, but that was all kinds of off pitch and shouty, particularly the breakdown on the bridge.)

Even worse than the singing was the judging.

So this is my declaration- I have fired all four judges. Those who remember the season seven write ups, I fired both Randy and Paula last year for the ridiculous critiques they were giving. This year- all of them. Yes, even Simon. They aren’t even trying to hide the pimping. It’s awful.

I am not going to write up a recap this week because I am insulted as a fan. They don’t deserve anything from me after that show.

PS- Allison and Alexis were the two saving graces, but even there I was disappointed. And when do the stylists work their magic?

Epic fail, Idol.

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