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The Wild Card Round.

I hate it. This would have eliminated Jordin Sparks and David Cook in previous seasons.

But I digress.

And truth be told, six of the eight gave far better performances tonight than in their previous tries. Jessie sang Chaka’s ” Tell Me Something Good” with soul and spunk, Matt Giraud nailed the Jackson 5’s ” Who’s Loving You”, Megan Corkrey shone on ” Black Horse And The Cherry Tree”, Jasmine dazzled with Christina Aguilera’s ” Reflection”, Ricky was all funky with stevie wonder’s ” Superstition”, and Anoop was on fire with ” My Perogative”. Only Von Smith’s ” Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” and Tatianna’s ” Saving All my Love For You” fell flat, and when eliminated again, Tatianna went drama queen histonic again. But the judges, in their wisdom, went with four people- Megan, Jasmine, Matt, and Anoop( I told you they wanted Anoop that badly. For all the producer’s pimping of Adam, Danny, and Lil, the judges seem to prefer Anoop.)

So we begin again next week, and who shall win is really up in the air. Last year, David Cook was barely on the radar, having dazzled with ” Billie Jean”, but still under the massive shadow of Archie. Lil appears to be the producer’s pick, but there are some interesting personalities in the mix.

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First, pity the musical genius that is MICHAEL JACKSON, who gave us Thriller and Bad and Off the Wall, ” Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” and amazing videos that fill our 80s loving hearts. The man announcing a ten date concert series at London’s O2 Arena is not Michael Jackson, no matter what he says. That is a shadow of a man. Saddest story in music, I think, when all is said and done. The series starts on July 8, and despite everything, I think it’s still a tentative stand. He looks mighty frail in the pics I’ve seen.

Coolness factor off the charts news- Daft Punk is to score the upcoming Tron sequel. How awesome is that?

And lastly, in so FRAKKIN’ AWESOME I MIGHT JUST PLOTZ news- Larry David’s genius keeps them coming back, I guess, as all four Seinfeld regulars are to appear on Curb Your Enthusiasm this upcoming season. Julia’s been on already ( I caught a bit of it on Sunday night- A Channel had it on). But yes- Jason, Michael, and Jerry are gonna be there. Whoot! closest thing we’ll ever get to a reunion!

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