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Start off with a heinous version of Katy Perry’s ” Hot N Cold”, in which my kids laughed with the obvious switch from ” bitch” to ” girl” in the lyrics. Gawd, that was not good at all ( eldest DD disagrees, but what does she know?).

Whatever, we knew Lil would get through ( and she was better tonight, IMO), and Scott ( I also thought he was better as well, but clearly, I am in the minority about Scott MacIntyre.) I also predicted Jorge over Ju’not, and was right on that account.

The last twenty minutes were reserved to the Wild Card show, which airs tomorrow. The judges have brought back Von Smith, Jasmine Murray, Ricky Braddy, Megan Corkrey, Shriekianna (kill me now), Matt Giraud, Jesse Langseth, and Anoop Desai ( I called that one).

Jorge takes us out with a pleasant version of his song from last night, and I pray to God Shriekianna has a meltdown and we never hear from her again.

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A Big Bang Moment of Thought

Matt Mitovich over at TV Guide let loose this spoiler from an upcoming episode:
What happens when you arm a quartet of beautiful minds with glue guns and sequins?

Which begs the question: Do we really want to see Sheldon with a glue gun and sequins? And will Howard go all negs due to over indulgence in flashiness? Will Raj be able to tell Penny that her pet hobby is whackadoodleness? And will Leonard manage not to glue sequins to his glasses?

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