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You just knew Leonard wanted to have three seconds to himself every once in a while. We get a half hour of Sheldon a week. Imagine living with the guy…

Leonard, you see, needs to use a specific laser for an experiment, but it’s only available after hours, so he’s pulling the night shift at the lab. He told Sheldon he would be unavailable to drive him to work and that Sheldon would need to make other plans, but Sheldon ignored that advice and still expects to be chauffeured by Leonard. There’s also a bit with stimulating Star Wars sheets ( which leads to the question- Stimulating how, Sheldon?) and a snarky remark about the stagnant state of Leonard’s career.  Leonard proceeds to tell Sheldon to take the bus, but Sheldon refuses since buses have no seat belts and they won’t allow him to lash himself to the seats with bungee cords. When that proves fruitless, Sheldon knocks on Penny’s door, and invokes the favor clause built into friendships. Penny agrees to drive Sheldon, who nitpicks about her check engine light ( it’s been on for a month), Penny’s drinking coffee while driving, her route up Euclid Avenue, her not slowing down for speed bumps, and decides to pepper her with arcane trivia and science games.  Penny shows remarkable restraint until Sheldon starts up about the engine again, and she pulls over and kicks him out of the car.

After work, Sheldon runs into Leonard in the cafeteria, where he expects a ride home. Howard agrees with Sheldon’s opinion that Leonard said that he wasn’t able to get a ride to work. Leonard said nothing about the ride home. Howard regrets this decision when Sheldon is denied and expects a ride home with Howard, which involves Howard’s scooter and Euclid avenue’s speed bumps. Convinced Howard is trying to kill him, Sheldon is again abandoned and calls Raj. When that appears to no longer be an option, Sheldon returns to Penny for a ride to Pottery Barn to return the star Wars sheets. Penny slams the door.

The gang decides to proceed with an intervention, and set up an appointment for Sheldon at the DMV. He proves to be a giant ass there as well, and the DMV lady stamps a learner’s permit just to get rid of him. At home, Howard sets up an elaborate simulator ( Sheldon’s desire to drive the batmobile is denied). It proves to be a disaster, and later, while still trying to learn how to drive, Sheldon ends up on the second floor of the Glendale Galleria and crashes into the pet store. Sheldon decides he is ” transcending the situation” and quitting, as he is a Homo novus, and simply too evolved for the plebian task.  He then moves into his office at the university. Leonard conveniently decides to forget to tell him the experimient is over, just for some peace and quiet. After all, when Sheldon comes back, Leonard is the permanent chauffeur again.

A moderately successful outing, as it’s all A story and a lot of Sheldon. The drving simulator stuff is pretty hilarious.  There are great lines for Jim Parsons, but the rest of the cast aren’t given enough to do.

Grade- B-

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Qucik TV Note:

Ausiello over at EW.com is reporting that ABC is benching new episodes of Ugly Betty in favor of Samantha Who? and the midseason comedy In The Motherhood. Everyone prepare for one of the funiest and most diverse casts to be bounced from the schedule.

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  • Kate Winslet looked amazing.
  • Meryl Streep is apparently not used to winning despite the fact she is the greatest living actress, for which I apologize calling her, since she seems clearly embarrassed when people call her that, even though she is. Just not in Doubt.
  • Sean Penn needs to shut up. Che? Seriously, dude? ( I am looking forward to it, but I’ll follow Soderbergh to the grave he dug for me and praise him as he tosses handfuls of dirt until I’m buried and have suffocated, so I might not be the best judge, as I also sat through Solaris and Bubble).
  • Heath Ledger won-again. The term shoo in at the Oscars no longer applies, it’s destiny in possibly the saddest possible way.
  • Jane Krakowski should be forbidden to give acceptance speeches anymore on the behalf of 30 Rock . That was agonizing.
  • James Earl Jones is God.
  • Anthony  Hopkins looked shockingly frail, and now I’m fretting about him.
  • Surprise of the night, TV side- Well, Hugh Laurie beating out Jon Hamm and then being funny.
  • Surprise of the night, Movie side- Meryl. Meryl. Oy, Meryl.
  • Slumdogcontinues on it’s way to coronation.
  • Let’s face it based on the cheers from the audience- any other year, Ben Button would win. Or come in a close second to Milk. But this year, the little British and Indian film has stolen the thunder.
  • I wanna be Tina Fey. I know I say that ever award show.

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