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  • Kate Winslet had never won a Globe before winning two last night. When it rains, it pours. Stunned the hell outta me.
  • Mickey Rourke deserves to win an Oscar if his speeches will be so entertaining. I counted five seperate censorable actions and words last night during his speech ( Darren Aronofsky helped with that).
  • British actresses sob when they win.
  • Kate Winslet is still probably gobsmacked.
  • 30 Rock dominated the TV comedy awards- rightly. Still pissed off that Jim Parsons gets no love from these people. How can you miss the genius?
  • By the way, Kaley Cuoco got slammed last week in Ausiello’s comment section. She’s one of the brightest comic actresses today. Carole Lombard was right. It’s tough to be that pretty and get any respect for being funny. It ain’t fair to us not so gorgeous hilarious people.
  • Anna Paquin for True Blood? I guess…
  • Does Waltz With Bashir qualify for Foregin Film at the Oscars? Did Israel submit it?
  • Did anyone else do a little dance when Colin Farrell won best actor in a comedy, fulfilling in part a prediction I made years ago that he was a really great actor and not a pretty face only.
  • s this show more fun to watch than the Oscars or what?

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